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Iron ore mining in Western Australia, in the 2018–19 financial year, accounted for 54 percent of the total value of the state's resource production, with a value of A$78.2 billion. The overall value of the minerals and petroleum industry in Western Australia was A$145 billion in 2018-19, a 26 percent increase on the previous financial year.. Western Australia's iron ore output for 2018–19 ...

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The iron and manganese ores occur as distinct sedimentary layers alternating with iron and manganese-poor sedimentary layers - the whole mass is sometimes mined. Iron ores of this type are commonly termed the banded iron formation or simply abbreviated as BIF. All ore minerals in these deposits are oxides and hydroxides.

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Australia is the world's largest iron ore exporter (and 2nd largest producer) accounting for around a third of global production. Western Australia holds just over 90% of Australia's identified iron ore resources and has a reputation for producing consistently high concentrations of around 60%.

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Australia's Coal and Iron ore exports 2001 to 2011 This article is an update of the DFAT article "Australia's Coal and Iron ore exports 1999 to 2009" published in March 2010. Coal and Iron ore have been important exports for Australia for decades. Over the past

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of iron ore which had been in force since 1938. In 1937 most of the mining of iron ore in Australia was in the Middleback Range of South Australia. By that year, however, iron ore deposits in Yampi Sound in Western Australia had begun to attract international interest. The British company, H.A. Brassert, obtained a lease to a Yampi Sound

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With its $54mn port upgrade in 2002 Esperance became the deepest port in southern Australia, capable of handling Cape size vessels up to 200,000 tonnes and fully loaded Panamax size vessels up to 75,000 tonnes. As a consequence the port saw iron ore exports total 9.2 million tonnes in the 2010 financial year.

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The huge rise in Chinese demand over the past decade has caught Australian iron ore producers – and other producers around the world – by surprise. The seaborne market for iron ore, for example, increased from about 500 million tonnes in 2000 to 940 million tonnes in 2009.

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The lifting of the Australian embargo on iron ore exports in 1960 heralded the beginning of the Australian iron ore export industry. It unleashed the pioneering geologists to explore the remote Pilbara region of Western Australia for deposits and incentivised the entrepreneurs to initiate the iron ore …

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Iron ore is a cheap and strong material, that's why billions of companies invest in iron ore, in 2010 $47.2 billion dollars worth of iron ore was shipped to companies. In 1990 to 2010 the buyers of iron ore have expanded numerously. 98% of iron ore is to …

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Hematite is an iron oxide mineral. It is non-magnetic and has colour variations ranging from steel silver to reddish brown. Pure mineral hematite contains 69.9% iron. It has been the dominant iron ore mined in Australia since the early 1960s and approximately 96% of Australia's iron ore exports are high-grade hematite, most of which has been ...

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Most of Australia's iron ore production is exported, predominantly to Asia. After rapid growth in the past decade, the main export market for Australia's iron ore is now China (almost 70 per cent of iron ore exports in 2010), with Japan and Korea importing most of the balance (Graph 2).

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A Chinese billionaire who confessed to paying bribes for Australian iron ore continued to trade with major Aussie companies for years even after the scandal became public in 2010.

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Iron Baron. Iron Duke. Iron Knob, South Australia. Iron Monarch. Iron Prince. Peculiar Knob - mothballed by Arrium in 2015. Port Adelaide (multi-commodity port, export port for Cairn Hill ore) Whyalla port and Whyalla Steelworks (Processing plant and export port for iron ore and steel products)

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The national estimates for iron ore since 2010 are reported in two categories, namely: Million tonnes of iron ore, and; Million tonnes of contained iron. Total Australian Ore Reserves of iron ore reported in compliance with the JORC Code were estimated to be 23 106 Mt in 2018 (Table 1), representing 47% of Economic Demonstrated Resources (EDR ...